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About us

Vision Travel doo is a company, which owns the portal of VIZE.HR and the full visa system, has been on the Croatian market since 2015 but has been operating under VIZE in the other agency system since 1988 and is engaged in professional assistance in obtaining travel documents, visas and other documents required for crossing borders and staying abroad, including organize of accommodation, tourist and business travel. We can say that we are free to say that we are one of the pioneers in the field, which proves our experience and professionalism of employees and long-term cooperation with many companies throughout Croatia. Vision Travel d.o.o. is a licensed travel agent agency with assistance in issuing a visa with HR id code: HR-AB-01-080957673.





  • professional consulting through highly qualified experts for all types of travel as well as ancillary services for visa
  • special assist with all group of visa but with special agreement for assist to Saudi Arabia visa
  • Creating and organizing the most affordable, simplest and highest quality solutions for travel visa assistance
  • reduce and control all costs
  • Concern about the right solution to issuing your visa
  • We allow availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week and VIP VISA SERVICE
  • In the frequency of travel to specific destinations, we allow agreements on special discounts regulated between Vision Travel and the company that uses our services
  • Huge range of country we support for visa (Russia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Thailand, Kuwait, Turkey and much more)
  • Helping with all seals and other documents requested from the embassy





  • help and mediation in the event of visa exits
  • Legalization of all documents
  • Deliver of the documents
  • Prepare and control of documents for visa
  • Personal drive to/from embassy in any city in region
  • Prepare of photo for visa




Send us an e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call us on the phones: +38513096641, +38598257751* (cell phone, viber, whatsup, telegram) 
Visit our branch: Ulica grada Vukovara 19, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia